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Portable Oxygen And Going Out.
A myPHteam Member asked a question 💭

I am confused on how you know what to take with you when you leave home. And how much oxygen to take with you. I have small tanks that have 2 hours in them and I bought a portable oxygen concentrator but I only get one hour with the battery. If I don't have anywhere to plug it in. And it has a smell to it when running. I am new to having oxygen 24/7.

posted March 25, 2022
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A myPHteam Member

DeborahReese:The portable concentrator is what I had. I will tell you what I had & what I did ans I never had a problem of being without oxygen.
I had 3 batteries & with a permanent marker on the bottom wrote 1 2 3
I had the electric charging outlet that it comes with
I purchased a car adapter ( many are universal )
**While driving to & from always plug unit into the cigarette lighter w/ car
adapter & that way you are not using the o2 off your battery
**Upon arriving at my destination I seek a place to sit near an electrical outlet.
Plug in.
**When returning home plug into car cigarette lighter
1st I would check with company that you purchased your unit from for prices
Check FB Marketplace"portable oxygen " in search bar

I also would bring with me my extra batteries in case there were times that I could not plug in
fyi- there may be 2 vented screen with covers these covers snap on & off they probably have 3 horizontal lines for venting ---- very important never to block this while in use or your unit may overheat CAUTION every 6 weeks take the covers off & clean removing any dust particles. ThenReplace. These covers are small about 2 inches by 1/2 inch in the front of unit.

ENJOY 🤩 😻 🤟

posted March 25, 2022
A myPHteam Member

Hi are you on Medicare? They will pay for it. Actually its rental equipment to them!
Your Dr has to test you and do the paperwork. Hope this helps.

posted May 10, 2022
A myPHteam Member

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posted April 10, 2022
A myPHteam Member

1. your insurance will pay for the concentrator.
2. the batteries should last approx 4 hours, depending on the settings.
3. Depending on the size of the tanks, the settings n type of meter you have.
Medicare will pay to rent what you need. If your Saturation is 88% or lower.

Call Medicare 1 800 Medicare.
If you have a supplement to Medicare call your supplement Insurance.

Let me Know.


posted March 26, 2022
A myPHteam Member

I have a port unit also. I have 2 batteries but when I go out I plug it into car and keep it charging. I'm not usually out very much but when I do go out it's usually to a Drs office, labs etc. I don't go out to eat very much but I find 2 hours is plenty.

posted March 26, 2022

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