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Respected Sir/Madam Im 27 y healthy male sufferer from anxiety disorder from past 5 months about my heart. I did one echo and 2 ecg on 06/12/2017 which came normal but my anxiety didn't gon. I fell random mild chest pain for a while oftenly which travels from right to left of randomly in my chest.
Now i see a second cardialogist who take an echo and said everything is normal.
but when i see "mild TR with mild PAH" i became more anxious.
Please review the following echo reports and give me some… read more

posted 1 day ago by A myPHteam User

Does anyone know where to order this book for PH. A Patients Survival Guide.

posted 4 days ago by A myPHteam User
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@A myPHteam User If you join the Pulmonary Hypertension Association you can get it as well.

posted 4 days ago


I'm concerned about the need for such heavy birth control needed when using this drug. If that's needed how is it not dangerous for me.

posted 20 days ago by A myPHteam User

Is it possible for PH to be gone?

I have had PH for many yrs. I have been using my cpap machine every night My drs told me that the cpap had healed the problem with my lungs. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this change permanent? Also, I still fill like “I hit the wall” in the middle of the afternoon. I must take a nap immediately for 30 min -1 hr. Does this happen to anyone else?

posted 23 days ago by A myPHteam User
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Thanks! I was also thinking maybe I am in temporary remission. If I stop using the cpap, then the PAH would return?

posted 22 days ago

Has anyone done a respitory rehab program

posted 23 days ago by A myPHteam User
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I had seen a pamphlet in the elevator of the medical
bldg where all my doctors are located. (Next to my hospital). I was going to my pcp so I asked him… read more

posted 22 days ago

Does anyone have a child or grand child born with PH? .

He was born past due and weighed 12.7 pounds. He had low blood sugar. He was diagnosed later in the day and was transferred to a better hospital that could give him the medication he needed. Does anyone have experience with new born PH? Im worried he didnt get enough oxygen to his brain before they caught it.

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posted 24 days ago by A myPHteam User


what if O2 saturation drops below 90? Stop? Keep exercising anyway? Reduce intensity?

posted 26 days ago by A myPHteam User
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My goes as low as 86-87. I can’t tell when it is dropping. I am told to stop immediately, drink some cold water & check the 02 level. When the level… read more

posted 23 days ago

Has anyone had a valve replaced?

Right side of my heart is enlarged and they are saying I need valve replaced.

posted 26 days ago by A myPHteam User

My husband had the aortia valve done in Aug17. They did his like a heart stent because he wasn't able to have open heart surgery.Doing good.Ask your Dr.… read more

posted 23 days ago

Does blood thinning drugs make your energy level low..?

I was on two different types of blood thinner,warfarin for about 4 days,but because of where I live,the monitoring was a problem,so the doctor switched me to xarelto,I was diagnosed with Afib,and needed to keep my blood at a certain level..both blood thinner drugs made me so sick and exhausted,I couldn't even get out of bed..I stopped taking xarelto and put myself on low dose aspirin..today I have a bit of energy to finish filling out My PH..

posted about 1 month ago by A myPHteam User
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