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Are you on any medication or Oxygen?

Wondering what medication you all are on. Are some of you guys n Oxygen??
Thank you

posted 4 days ago
A myPHteam Member said:

24/7 2 when just sitting or sleeping 6 when moving around or exerting my self

posted 3 days ago
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Does it affect the kidneys

posted 5 days ago
A myPHteam Member said:

i do know the bumex is hard on the kidneys

posted 4 days ago
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My Question is i have 2 mechanical heart valves .one is 20 years old and i have sob on exertion see dr Harry Steinberg said i have asthma and nasal drip what does tha have to do with ph?

posted 5 days ago
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posted 16 days ago
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My city says Tyner IN. It should say Tyner NC. How do I fix it.

posted 19 days ago
A myPHteam Member said:

Found it.

posted 19 days ago
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Value of supplemental oxygen?

My wife has PH and heart failure and easily becomes breathless. She’s been told that supplemental oxygen will not help. I find that hard to believe. Is that true??

edited, originally posted 21 days ago
A myPHteam Member said:

Yeah I agree with DonKerley, that's an awfully long time to wait.

posted 15 days ago
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Clinical trials

Where in west uk if have underlying conditions as no assistance & Function made worse by breathing & them eg: temporary kyphosis spasticity relating to targetted antibiotics for utis neurogenic bladder, endemetriosis & spina bifida abnormall EEG ?causing CFS / fibro in weaker area affectd by A-fib & weak heart pumping & low thyroids [ genetic females] diabetes 1 on both sides too [ male twin cousins] as well as hormonal.autoimmune ,heart stroke

Family of pharnacists &… read more

posted 21 days ago
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