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Is This Controllable With Medication?

Is This Controllable With Medication?

I have not been diagnosed by a Dr but have been tested for everything under the sun. Hospital 3 times in one day. I'm frustrated there must be something for this breathing issue.

A myPHteam Member said:

Yes, it can be controlled by medication in some cases. It all depends on what kind of PH you have and what was the cause. However, it does not cure it. It may lessen the symptoms and lower the pressures.The only way to know for sure is to have a right heart catheterization (RHC). It is the gold standard, the definite test. Others tests can suggest you may have it, but for a definitive diagnosis a RHC has to be done. It is normally performed by a Cardiologist in consultation with your PH Specialist who is Pulmonologist who has been specially trained. Not all doctors are knowledgeable about PH. Best to try and see if there may be a PH centre near you. The pulmonary Hypertension website has a list of clinics and Specialists.

edited, originally posted 10 months ago
A myPHteam Member said:

Am so glad you found the good Dr's you have. They sound great!
Good luck, you will do fine. One tip
Pat : throw out your salt shaker!

posted 27 days ago
A myPHteam Member said:

The right doc is key. I'm finding a new cardiologist who will do something for me

posted 5 months ago
A myPHteam Member said:

That is good news. Hopefully he is a Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist, and not a regular Pulmonologist. Not all have specialty training in PH. Blessings to you.

posted 10 months ago
A myPHteam Member said:

I have had the right heart catheterization. Was told it was ok. I'm trying to get a psychiatrist to see me. I'm all out of ideas

posted 10 months ago
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