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Hearing Difficult

Hearing Difficult

Started with ringing left ear- keepin me up last few nights
Been taking meds for sinus trouble last 8 weeks as well but last week up to different level. Hearing affected in last week - pulsating and tunnel like.

I take Taladafil and Opsumit for PAH ( Scleraderma
Limited induced) my PAH is mild w exertional sob.
PAH dx in Jan/2022- started on meds in February.
Any thoughts?
Have to call dr’s…and get sinus vs PAH med insigght…

posted November 27, 2022
A myPHteam Member

Having trouble with eyes also

posted January 23
A myPHteam Member

I already have hearing aids so I just turn them up lol.

posted January 14
A myPHteam Member

My husband has it I just have to talk louder he has tinnitus in both ears

posted December 7, 2022

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