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Weight Gain

Weight Gain

I am on a water restriction as I gain weight easlliy, am on a water pill but still am retaining fluid, what can I do to start losing weight, in the hospital they took 60 pounds off of me of fluids, dont want to go back there...any ideas as to what I should try

A myPHteam Member said:

Really watch your fluid intake- did they tell you how much fluid per day you could have? I am allowed 2000 ML per day- it is hard. Also, watch all sodium that you have in a day. Almost everything has sodium. UGH It is hard figuring out what to cook- and to adjust. They told me 2000 mg sodium or less per day I is hard, but it all helps. Hugs to you! If you need anything or pointers, let me know. You can do this!

posted 13 days ago
A myPHteam Member said:

yes, I too am on a fluid intake limit. and my sodium I am just learning to read labels on everything that has soduim. its a learning hell, makes me use my brain! I also, am taking a pulmonary class on how to breathe and exercise and its kicking my butt, but in aa good way./thank for your advice or help or both! Will keep in touch.

posted 12 days ago
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