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PAH Clinical Trials

PAH Clinical Trials

Has anyone been on or is participating in a clinical trial for PAH? If so, did they work well for you?

posted November 28, 2020
A myPHteam Member

Hmalohmery good morning
Thanks for the hug. Most appreciated. Hope your day goes well. Hugs and prayers.

posted December 16, 2020
A myPHteam Member

Stephaniewendell good morning. Thanks for the like and hug. Most appreciated. May your day go well. Hugs and prayers.

posted December 6, 2020
A myPHteam Member

Katherine pace
Welcome to my team. We are all here for you. As far as the clinical trial goes, I m really not sure if someone on here has been in on one. But rest assured when ppl read your post, they may come out of the woodwork..
Hood luck

posted November 29, 2020

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