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I Have IPAH And COPD But Not Related(?)

I Have IPAH And COPD But Not Related(?)

I was diagnosed with SLEEP APNEA and IPAH but dr says the sleep apnea did not cause my PAH
How can he be so sure when its the only thing they picked up ??

A myPHteam Member said:

Same diagnosis here Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension with unrelated COPD from smoking. On top of that "severe" Sleep Apnea. Each diagnosed separately. COPD diagnosis in 2004 then 5 stents for 90% blockage in 2014.
2015 brought an unknown lung infection with a thoracotomy with another heart cath that brought the IPAH diagnosis (pressures confirmed). Then two sleep studies determined Sleep Apnea, all un-related but complicate the treatment.

posted about 1 year ago
A myPHteam Member said:

Is PAH related to Emphysema? Can Emphysema become PAH?

posted over 1 year ago
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