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What Are Some Of The Moments You Find Your PH Bothers You The Most.

What Are Some Of The Moments You Find Your PH Bothers You The Most.

Taking a shower cause me to get SOB often.

posted February 25, 2018
A myPHteam Member

Me too, drains me awfully. I was lucky and already had a shower stool to sit on, but I have almost passed out several times trying to dry off...take your time, rest between washing and rinsing and rest again before getting out...sometimes I dry off while I sit and take slow deep breaths...Hope this helps.

posted July 8, 2018
A myPHteam Member

Oh my I know the feeling. Showering is the worst and tAkes forever. I feel so wiped out when done. I have a stool but it's still a process . At least I dont get very dirty from sitting all day. Trying to keep that independence. I dont want to have to have someone to groom me. One step at a time even if it takes all day. PAH forces you to pace yourself in everything you do.

posted July 15, 2019
A myPHteam Member

Showers are terrible for me also. For some reason my tubing gets water all over the floor. Don't know if I have it in the shower all the way or not. Plus, I have semi-long hair and I have to sit on my bath stool to wash it and to shave! It is a real fiasco. I am "happy" to read that others have the same problems with showers and I don't think there is an easy solution. I don't dare take a bath (hate baths) because I wouldn't be able to get up (ha ha)!! Other moments that bother me are when my family (niece and nephews) visit and I cannot do much with them. It really upsets me. The illness has robbed so much of me but I try everyday to enjoy something in life!!! Everyone hang in there..PH will not win!!! take care

posted February 1, 2019
A myPHteam Member

@A myPHteam Member I had to completely change the type of bras I wear because underwire cuts my breath off. I'm strictly comfort lol. It sucks because i used to wear spanx/girdles to smooth out for formal occasions, but not now... oh well lol.

posted March 11, 2018 (edited)
A myPHteam Member

I would have to say taking a shower is the worst, sob

posted March 11, 2019

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