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Does Anyone Have Hep C ?

Does Anyone Have Hep C ?

I was diagnosed with two new disorders after the oranetram pill form remodulin was not working. I also blame an iud. However I was switched last Halloween to a PICC line and infusion remodulin which works. However I was diagnosed with Hep C and ITP which is making me feel very concerned as I have been on Prednisone. That I knew that wasn't working. So I was on a chemo infusion of reflluxin and it is giving as an infusion however it is not chemo but a biotherapy. For four weeks and… read more

A myPHteam Member said:

No I don't but thanx for the info....I'll keep this info handy.... maybe I should get tested there a test they can give

posted 11 months ago
A myPHteam Member said:

So sorry I pray things will get better

posted 9 months ago
A myPHteam Member said:

With a seizure..bad headache,blood clot in my chest and knee down to my tackle. C[died blue, then when n\are pumped me back to life, my body would not breath for me. 8 days later I woke up. No doctor can tell me anything. They say it is called PRES. And said no one knew mush about it. I would have to go to San Drago, or Japan. The [only two doctors that know anything about the surgery. My husband Had to go on leave to be my caretaker. Told him they would have him a part time job.......Then he had his wreck....then virus.....So now we have gone from 78 a year to 3000 A month. We are just trying to have faith and hope the PRES won't come back.....if it is gone...... Such is life.......hugs

posted 10 months ago
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